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I went undercover to Uk doggin sites . Read my exclusive story here on my site and get the complete insight into the exciting world of doggin  . Not wanting to be outdone in the doggin knowledge stakes . I decided to get to  grips first hand and check out some known active spots where doggin is known to take place.So I packed myself some sandwiches and a flask of coffee and set off to see for myself first hand the exciting world of doggin.
Day 1 undercover doggin in yorkshire and my first place to visit is the lay-by near kirkburn on the A163 heading out towards bridlington Well here I am ,what a fantastic day ,you can see this by my photograph, glorious sunshine ,blue sky and the odd fluffy white cloud.    This should bring them out ,I think to myself. I pull up in the middle of the lay by as I consider this a good position for viewing either entrance and exit .Out of my large Burberry bag I fish around and find my flask, box of carefully prepared cheese and tomato sandwiches and a Sun newspaper of the day 2.5.04.OOOh ! goodness me here comes a car ,oh just passing through ,that was quick I thought gulping down a large bite of sandwich. Half an hour passes with nothing for me to see but butterflies , bees and birds. Then a large 4x4 vehicle pulls in and stops a little way from me. Through the rear window I can see a man , dark hair , dark jacket . He seems to be reading as his head repeatedly bobs down and paper work comes up and onto his steering wheel . After about 10 minutes he is still there so I decide to make a move . I collect my rubbish together and totter towards the rubbish bin being careful not to embarrass myself by tripping up over the pot holes my high heels . I reach the bin "off load" my rubbish and catch the mans eye. What a wonderful day I shout . Absolutely he retorts and gets out of his vehicle . We chat for a few minutes about the weather and the Bank Holiday until he suddenly asks "are you here for the doggin" ? Oh my goodness I thought . Well yes I am actually I laughed

  I'm writing an article about it for my website . He then went on to explain in great detail all the exciting activities this particular lay by is involved in on some Friday and Saturday mid evenings . Fantastic  I thought so in the words of Arnold Swartzenegger "I'll be back."
Day 2 undercover doggin in yorkshire Hi there my bunny friends here I am again your very own personal roving doggin reporter back to tell you all about my latest excursion to the hot doggin spots.
Acting on a burning red hot tip off I decided to head my furry tail in the direction of yet another lay by on the A163 just outside Market Weighton .I was desperately hoping this was going to be a fruitful trip , the person with the info had told me some very exciting doggin tales . I turned up at the lay by in question in the mid afternoon 30 5 04 to check out the location and what a beautiful spot , gorgeous sunny day ,wonderful scenery and I tried to envisage this glorious location being  turned into a night time hive of sexual activity .I drove off to find a local pub to pass along a little time before it started to get dusk .This will do nicely I thought as I found a wonderful pretty pub in a nearby village . I engaged myself in conversation with an extremely friendly Landlord and decided to book myself in for the night ...he had lots of empty rooms so there was no problem there. I had a look at the menu and ordered an evening meal ....which was absolutely delicious. My ever-so-friendly Landlord eagerly asked me to join in their Pub Quiz , fortunately this didn't coincide with the time I had planned to turn up at my doggin destination , so I accepted. The locals were great fun and made me so welcome it was a great evening and I had to keep checking my watch because I was having such a good time .Around 11 o'clock I made my way to my car to drive to the Hot Spot . On arrival I was both surprised and excited to see so many vehicles in the lay by - at least my journey was going to be worthwhile  .  I pulled up on the edge of the lay by where I could see most of the way down  and  I could just make out shadowy figures moving around , I  plucked up courage and because there were so many cars around I felt safe and quite relaxed  , so I decided to get out of my car and walk towards

 the groups of people . There was definitely some  activity going on here . Bingo this is it . As I slowly walked down the pot holed track of the lay by ,the rough gravel crunched under my stiletto heels , my black velvet dress made a swishing noise as it brushed against my stockings . What was I going to see , what was I going to do ,lots of questions and thoughts raced around in my head ...Well I couldn't believe my eyes as I approached a car and witnessed first hand the scene unfolding before my very own eyes . Here in front of me was a couple throwing caution to the wind .... I will leave what they were doing to your own imagination ... when they saw me approaching they stopped their activity to determine whether I was friend or foe and after I brief conversation I explained why I was there and my interest to find out more about this exciting nocturnal doggin scene adventure . To my delight they were keen to talk to me and explained that they came out regularly to various locations to meet other like minded people  . While I was having this conversation I did notice that the girl was continually stroking her thigh and before long the conversation turned to me being invited to join in their doggin fun .. not this time I thought to myself and made my excuses and apologise and graciously departed until another time . What went through my mind on the drive home is another story .

Day 3 undercover doggin in yorkshire What a fantastic month july has been the weather has been perfect for doggin . Those long hot summer days and equally long hot nights are a doggers dream .Well my bunny friends on arriving back at Market Weighton I was astounded to see so many cars . This has got to be a hot hot doggin spot ! Wow I recognised somebody straightaway so I made my way across the rough dry track of the layby to try to speak to them .
 As I approached he got straight out of his car shouting Hi !! and he made his way towards me .Yes .. I knew this guy .. I had seen him numerous times before he is from Bridlington . He had told me about a fantastic beach to visit at Fraisthorpe ..but that my bunny friends is another story I will tell you about at a later date . Now back to the chase.... I asked him what sort of evening he  had up to press ? Oh boy he said .. you have just missed a couple that put on the most exciting show he had seen in a long time . The couple in question he described as being very open and friendly and they are quite new to the doggin scene but they want make a name for themselves . This couple apparently are from Doncaster and really want to get themselves known to as many people as possible . The girl he described as being "gorgeous " with log blonde hair and equally long legs . She dresses completely for the occasion with stilletto heeled shoes and stockings and suspenders under the tiniest of mini skirts .Her partner is an older man who according to my friend gets his real pleasure from watching her perform . I asked my friend if he was invited to join in  the doggin fun . Yes he said and they even gave me their phone number . But .. he said if you want to find out even more about doggin you want to be paying a visit to Fraisthorpe on a sunday daytime it is apparently a superb location and the visitors there are a more exotic superior breed . I spoke to quite a lot of people that evening and I just couldn't believe how friendly and genuine these doggers are they are people who simply want to have fun and make great friends . I would have
 loved to have stayed longer and listened to more but I had to go unfortunately ... but I knew there would be another night and another location ... so do stay tuned my  bunny friends because I will be here again soon with more doggin tales yap yap .
Day 4 undercover doggin in yorkshire I just couldn't let an opportunity like this pass me by . I received an email recently from a guy I 'd met through my trips to doggin sites . He said sites had been heaving due to the unbelievable hot weather we have been having and there were some new people on the scene who were keen to chat about what they got up to .   So as I drove my little mini out of the drive I started to think about my last trips out and how doggin has accelerated to be this great British craze . I met  ( Peter ) at a local pub for a quick drink and a chat and to catch up a little because it is quite a while since I last visited any doggin sites .   ( Peter ) was keen to fill me in on where some of the busiest sites are he picked a place where he said he had arranged to meet a new couple and when we had finished our drinks we drove in his car to a location just outside Beverley  .... Yorkshire .... It was a very hot humid evening and the temperature was still 28 deg at  9.30 pm ... thank God for air con . We reached our destination and ( Peter )  drove straight down a very narrow dirt track and parked up alongside a beautiful silver Porche  Boxter  "  blimey I thought I had parked yards away and tip toed around when I came on my own  " . Suddenly the Boxter doors flew open and out stepped a very attractive blonde haired couple who were very pleased to see  ( Peter )  " we have been waiting for ages for you  "      they shouted  . ( Peter ) introduced me to them and  .    we all chatted a while until   ( John  & Sue  )  asked  ( Peter ) if he was "ready" . This was their keyword to start some fun  . ( Peter ) took Sue by the hand and led her to his car while John and myself sat    in the Boxter and chatted about the thrills of doggin .  I have to say I didn't know which way to look I kept flashing 
 my eyes back and forth from  ( Peters  ) bare behind to ( John's ) face . ( John ) said he loved to come doggin because he got such a thrill from seeing another guy with ( Sue ) and it had improved their sex life 100%  he said they also visit swingers parties and they had made some very good friends since they started doggin.  As we chatted another car pulled up along side us and 4 people got out 3 guys and a girl and they went over to ( Peter's ) car to watch what was going on . ( John ) said this  really makes his night " I get the most amazing thrill when a group chooses to watch his ( Sue ) having sex " he said .   Well I just couldn't believe my luck what a night . I had made some new friends learned some more info about doggin and seen it happen in front of my eyes. What a drive home I had I was so pleased ( Peter ) had emailed me because I would have been far too shy to have driven straight up to anyone and what lovely people ( John & Sue ) are I now have made some fantastic friends and ( John & Sue ) have invited me to a swingers party   .... WATCH THIS SPACE  ....... (   ) names changed ....   
Day 5 undercover doggin in yorkshire Hello everybody gosh it has been a long time since I wrote about my under cover doggin experiences  . I have been so busy keeping you all happy with my website . Well Peter my doggin friend has been in touch  with me asking if I am interested in seeing any new doggin hotspots . So always keen to see and learn more I said  ... sure .... when and where ! Peter and I arranged another meet in a pub car park in North Yorkshire and he said I think you should bring a flask of hot coffee the weather is a lot different from the last time we met in the steamy hot summer of last year . So I packed my bag with a flask and gloves and pulled on my furry boots and set off on what I hoped to be a very eventful evening . It is a very unusual experience driving to a doggin meet because all sorts of things go through your mind like will anyone turn up , will anyone chat to me all sorts of things . Driving into the pub car park I saw Peter flash his lights at me so I pulled up along side him and got into his car it seemed an age since we last met . So after we had chatted and caught up I grabbed my bag and we set off to a secret location in Peters car apparently the doggers at tonight's meet  only agreed to my being there and talking to me if I kept the location a secret .. no problem I said .  Sat along side Peter I could relax and contemplate the evening ahead . We drove for what seemed like endless miles until Peter said  " OK"  we are nearly there . I pulled myself more upright in my seat so I could see more of the road and the surroundings and I was wondering how or why this location was going to be different or more special than the others when I noticed that the lane we had been driving along was becoming more narrow and the trees and hedgerows along side the car seemed to close in above us and form a canopy the country lane we had been driving along had turned into what I could only describe as a disused railway track and the hedgerows either side of us were wiping and clawing at the car making an awful scraping noise .  At this point I have to admit I was starting to become quite frightened and my heart beat was racing and I was not at all sure if I had made a terrible mistake by trusting Peter and I had got myself into a situation I was going to regret when suddenly Peter shouted out "here we are " and I could just pick out in the distance and darkness a group of vehicles . Peter said he would stop and park up and walk down to the group and tell them I was here .Well I have to say I did feel relieved that we had stopped and that I wasn't alone in this unusual place  . We had only been parked up for 2 or 3 minutes but I was so cold  and I was shivering when I suddenly remembered my flask of coffee so I reached into the back seat of Peters car to grab my bag  . As I did I peered through the rear window to try to see who Peter was talking to ...... drat I said ... the windows had steamed up instantly and I couldn't make anything out . Curiosity was now getting the better of me so I took off my gloves and used them to wipe the car windows so I could get a better view . Oh my goodness I said to myself that just looks like ................... no way it can't be ............... my head was really spinning now am I really seeing what I 'm seeing . I quickly turned my head back so I hoped they hadn't seen peeping . Gosh I hoped Peter would come back soon and tell me what the hell was going on .     
Day 6 undercover doggin in yorkshire It seemed like a lifetime for me as I sat shivering in my seat waiting with cold and great anticipation for Peter to return and hopefully fill me in on who he was speaking with when suddenly the drivers side car door flew open and Peter leapt in all excited his face glowing with the cold frosty air ,  "right off we go " he said and he started the car slammed it into reverse and off we went ,  to where ?  I had no idea .  Once we had left the narrow track and were onto a road I asked Peter where we were going "to a brand new doggin site " he said apparently he had just been given some HOT new info on a new location that was bringing in doggers from all over the country . Peter was so very excited about this new location I was sure it was something to do with the mystery person I had seen him talking with just a few moments ago so I sat and listened with out interrupting waiting for him to mention who he had been speaking with , but no he didn't so I thought I must do some gentle probing here to hopefully get him to divulge the mystery person .
Day 6 continued undercover doggin in yorkshire ...... But nothing was forthcoming . On and on we drove in to the night . By now I must say I was becoming very tired and sleepy and I have to admit that I must have dozed off in the car so by the time Peter shouted "here it is " and I woke up I had absolutely no idea where we were . I looked around trying to peer through the windscreen to see if any of the surrounding area or buildings were familiar to me , but no absolutely nothing I could see was recognisable . Then Peter turned to me and said "wow this is different " and after winding down the car window and peering into the distance I saw a huge huge house . We were parked in front of some enormous gates . Peter got out of the car and went to push a few buttons and as I watched the gates gently slid open . Back in the car I turned to Peter and said gosh this is exciting who lives here ...  Peter turned to me and tapped the side of his nose ....  
Day 7 undercover doggin in yorkshire .... the story continuous .... BREAKING NEWS ...  Hello again bunny friends I'm back and boy oh boy have I got a cracking story to tell you , your very own bunny roving reporter has burrowed herself into the Swinging Scene . Do you remember in one of my earlier reports I told you about meeting John and Sue with the Porche Boxter  well I received an email from them recently and they were very keen to tell me what new exciting activities they have been up to namely Swinging and they have very kindly invited me along to the private club they have been regularly attending .



Dogging Fun Dogging is one of the fastest growing sexual past times in the UK. It involves outdoor exhibitionism in car parks, wooded areas, etc.If you are up for some voyeuristic fun you'll find that you are often encouraged to watch, perform or even join in.What is Dogging? Dogging is a predominantly British activity that involves outdoor exhibitionism in car-parks, wooded areas and the like. The term dogging originated in the early Seventies to describe men who spied on couples having sex outdoors. These men would 'dog' the couples' every move in an effort to watch them. When the swinging scene discovered that open-air sex has its own special thrill they began meeting in car-parks, and the doggers found a new and rich supply of voyeuristic fun. Moreover, the doggers soon realised that these couples were actively encouraging them to watch, even performing for them, and sometimes allowing them to join in.Dogging Fun 

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